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Poor Customer Service

I registered an account years ago, since then I’ve lived at tons of addresses..

I tried to reset my password and all I was asked by the web form was the email address, so they can send my email a temporary password and if i’m the email owner i can access the email and get the password to log in, problem is that the form to reset passwords is broken and shows a transaction error letting me know to check my account in 30min for the transaction before reporting the issue, I MADE NO TRANSACTION i just want my password reset.

I emailed them this report and the email i received in response outlined how to reset my password using the same method i reported was broken…

So i called, spent hours on the phone, they refused to help unless i verify my street address… after spending hours going through all the addresses i knew they still wouldn’t help.

They refused to acknowledge their site was broken.
They refused to acknowledge that if it worked the reset password would be emailed and i could access my account, therefore i asked them to do the same verification as the broken form would have and they refused.

I asked them to fix the broken form and they refused saying it worked fine.

I asked them to investigate if there was a fault on my account causing the fault in the form. they refused saying they need to verify the account to investigate a fault on the account.

I explained that the Paypal account was verified, that i would provide the account number or VISA card number that was used to verify the Paypal account, i.e. to verify Paypal credit and debit a few cents to the account. guess what, they refused to acknowledge i knew the account digits!

I cant register a new Paypal account because the email address is in use already… I would need to create a new email account (i know sounds easy) but the email address i use is the only thing that remains unchanged over the years.

Posted: July 6, 2012 at 2:17 pm


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5 thoughts on “Poor Customer Service
  1. thadius on

    welcome to the hamster wheel of hell known as paypal customer service. I don’t know why they even bother having phone support because if you are able to find the number and get through all te prompts you get some snotty person on the other line that makes you feel like you are bothering them. They just repeat the FAQ’s answers from their website and more then once I have been hung up on.
    Their email support is nothing but a few prewitten automatic responses not he;ping with anything other then referring you to their website.

  2. Samuel on

    Wow sounds like they gave you the run around. I guess they don’t want your business. Their customer service is terrible, They are of no help at all. I’ve been frustrated by their customer service too many time. It was also part of the reason I chose to leave paypal and go with a real processor

  3. Charles C on

    Seems like they had you jumping through hoops and still wouldn’t help you. Seems to be the way they operate. I had my account limited with them and I spent HOURS on the phone with their customer service to try and figure out why with no resolution. I was beyong angry and pissed off. I told them to close my account which they refused. I was so fed up with them I cancelled all accounts tied to them and went with a real merchant account processor. Might be something you should look into.

    • Gloria Fisher on

      just wanted to say paypal should be ashamed at themselves customer service no help what so ever the stupid automated rep they put you on with REALLY??? you’ve got to be kidding me that was a joke!!! in order to access your account you have to have your old visa card number, your old phone number,your old password I have not use this account for years and since then credit card change phone numbers change passwords change, there crazy if they think everything stays the same and when i tried to set up a new account I couldn’t because of the old account and to get into my old account I had to present the old password which I don’t remember,old visa card number which I don’t have or old phone number since then I’ve moved and haven’t had that number for years and don’t remember it.

  4. jason.luo33@yahoo.com on

    Paypal customer service?? dont think it even exists, they are a terrible company and their call centre is infested with idiotic americans esp ARTIE from paypal, a complete moron.