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Your are not protected by Paypal paying for a service

I was ripped off by this computer store and Paypal embedded the crime don’t use Paypal If you do you will not be covered. I process over 6-10,000 a month with them and it doesn’t matter read on to view the whole story.

I visited the computer store with my 5 ps3′s on Apr 8, 2014 hoping I had found a good place to get them fixed, since I sell them on Ebay and Amazon I sell a lot, a steady place for parts and repair would be great. I spoke to a guy at the counter he informed me that they supposedly do all game stop customers (which is an untruth I found out later). They’re were a lot more untruths to come from this guy. He told me they would see what is needed and order the parts he estimated 4-5 days for the part and one day to install.

Well it really didn’t matter because two weeks later and still nothing. I was told to come by twice to at least to pick up two that supposedly had new laser dics installed. Twice I drove to the store only to be given the runaround until finally on April 23rd I demanded that I receive the two that were supposedly ready. I had paid my deposit of $125.00 for the install of the laser/disc drives with paypal thinking I was covered only to find out paypal doesn’t cover services even though there is a part involved they consider it a service which is crazy.

The lady at the counter when I picked up and the guy who I originally dropped off my games to, I believe to be the managers but will act as if someone else is when there is a problem to address they play the blame the management game or fed-ex game. At the end over two weeks later no apology for the lateness just more run around, I left with the supposed two that were fixed and thought or hoped I was done with them only to find out the two were still not working no lasers had been installed. They both the guy and girl told me another untruth. They completely ripped me off with no remorse. The day I was picking up another customer was also having a problem with them.

Paypal’s Part

Long story short you would think paypal would try and protect me as they state they will or do with the millions of dollars of advertising. It is the only reason I paid using paypal. Instead they just stated over and over rather rudely at times that it is a service and they don’t cover services. I explained to them several time it is for the purchase of parts to be installed and the parts were never installed so it is not just service and very easily determined if the new parts had been installed they should be able to give part numbers for the new parts they supposedly installed, etc. Many ways to get to the truth and paypal tried none of them they just declined the claim. When I appealed after 1 hour on the phone pleading with them to appeal they did just to get me off the phone then they sent a denial of the appeal email 15 mins afterwards. The worst service in the WORLD!!!! DON’T USE PAY PAL YOU WILL NOT BE COVERED I wish there was a different option for ebay sellers I will check.

Posted: April 29, 2014 at 6:44 pm


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