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All ready verified and now PayPal want more information

I am a retired widow who likes to shop on Ebay so I opened an account with both Ebay and Paypal, I at that time registered my bank account info and even verified it, I gave them a verifiable address in an area that I have lived and banked in for 23 years.

When I first opened the account a friend emailed me a few dollars from his account to get me started but when those funds ran out I tried to re fund the account with the new “my cash” paypal card.

That is when the trouble started, when I tried to load the card it was rejected and I was told I could not use very card that paypal had let a retailer sell me, now you want to talk about fraud, that is close to it or miss representation to say the least.

First I am only a buyer on Ebay not a seller but for some reason it seems they want me to re verify myself, now remember, they already had my bank account info and have even verified it, they had a verified address I have used for 23 years and now they want a photo ID, that is insane, I spend a lot of money buying and even more driving bids up but no more, as far as I am concerned paypal can shove it, I simply won’t use there service and will quit buying on Ebay, simple solution.

Posted: August 6, 2013 at 4:28 pm


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