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There is no reasoning with PayPal

I have created two personal paypal account, didn’t know i could not create more than one at that time. to make a long story short, i transfer 70$ to the next account because i want to keep money in the other one and send money and do business with the next one.however, paypal limited my account, they sent this to me” we have limited your account because we assume there was someone else using your account to send funds” i explained to them that it was me and no one else was sending money except me my self. they didn’t accept it and ask for my ID, BANK STATEMENT AND DRIVERS LICENSE . i gave them all except the drivers license because at that time i was only 18 i didn’t have one. They still hold the limit against my account. after 3 weeks of depression and sending a lot of emails without proper response , i then decided to call them from Jamaica where i live. i called and they distinctly stated that i am permanently banned and i should not use paypal ever again , i asked why, why , why but from what i figured was they don’t have anything to hold me against for, i called back 4 times to spoke to different customer care. and one of them said “i know what i do” she said to explain my self and i said i created 2 accounts and send money between my self, i am sorry i did that and i was unaware of that rule please give me a second chance , it’s not a crime. She said No without compromising .I remembered one of them said i gave false authentication details(DRIVERS LICENSE) Yes as i said before i was 18 i don’t have a drivers license i gave her my passport number, proof of my address , ID, bank statement , every other thing.With tears in my eyes the only words that echoed in my head was’DON’T EVER USE PAYPAL AGAIN USE A PAYMENT PROVIDER THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS” Paypal was going fine for me and at the start of the day i thought i was the right choice for me. This could be anyone. All i can say is paypal will not stop me from succeeding in life and if this is how they are working they will loose in the long run

Posted: April 8, 2014 at 7:13 pm


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