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I have not received payment for Item I sold and shipped.

So here is my story. I have sold shoes and my buyer decided to pay “safely”. So I posted the shoes to her, I paid 60 euro for postage from my own pocket and the shoes were 60 euro so she sent 120 to my account. I live in Ireland by the way. So after I confirmed that I shipped the shoes I was supposed to get the money. But instead there was a technical error with the payment and I waited for days.

After that PayPal informed me that the buyer accidentally paid the amount twice and I have to refund the extra 120 euro to her before they send me the money. So I refunded the money with Western Union. My buyer has the shoes and the refund already. After that I was supposed to get 240 euro plus 20 euro for Western Union fees. But instead I got an email that unfortunately, they were unable to approve the sum of €260.00 EUR into my account, because the total sum of €180.00 EUR was required to activate my PayPal account monthly transfer and receiving limits. So I should refund another 180 euro to get 440 on my account.

I emailed them that I don’t have that much money, plus I was counting on the money to be on my account, and because of that I was unable to pay my rent. It’s a lot of money. And they didn’t even reply. So I am desperate because I need my money, it’s money from my own pocket and I don’t know what to do anymore…

Posted: July 18, 2014 at 6:08 pm


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