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Tried to resolve limited account but got nowhere with PayPal

Almost 5 years ago i made a mistake, i played alot of PC games and ended up paying for virtual products with my paypal account. payed nearly 120 dollars for it and i did recieve what i payed for. however after some time went buy i realized my account was “limited”. I called them up to try and sort out the problem and got the same response everyone does.

the messed up thing was that i payed my money and ended up that who i payed it to had a bad or fake account, and who knows where my money went, yet PAYPAL THEN CHARGED ME ANOTHER 120 dollars! so not only did i lose my money, i even payed back paypal another 120 out of my pocket because i was under the impression i would be able to use my account again….WRONG…so now im almost 22 and havnt been able to ever use ebay or sites like it cuz most of them only accept paypal. and im trying to purchase parts for my car from out of state from a private seller, who of course uses paypal….so i go on and find my account exactly as i left, call them up as i only want to send money not you know receive it or anything..but nope same answer u get the broken english receptionist who doesnt give a shit. I was just like im the victim here and it was nearly 5 years ago, you have my SS number my bank my address nothing has changed surely u can see my identity. and all she would say is the decision was final and that you are banned for life…even that didnt bother me what bothered me was that there was nobody higher up i could talk to, and all she woudl say was well you can file a zeupena or however its spelt and take it to court and then we can talk about it? Thats complete bullshit im not gonna waste hundreds of dollars and put that much energy into fixing a wrong i never even made, and hung up, fuck them ill take my business elsewhere

Posted: August 19, 2013 at 7:14 pm


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