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Returned Camera but never got refund.

On the date of 09/09/2014 I purchased a dash-camera BlackVue DR750LW from a seller using eBay.com.
The seller lied that he is going to ship from USA , the shipment was done from Korea, and I immediately asked to cancel the transaction, because I need the camera by the time specified in the description and not later. The seller ignored that and shipped it anyway.
The camera was not delivered by the time in the description but was delivered 3 days later.
When I got the camera, it was not working and some components missing (lighter jac) so it was useless for me. I asked the seller for a return. Seller denied to receive a return. After a week of attempts to get a returning label from the seller, I opened a case on eBay resolution center.
Past another week, the case was closed with a decision in my favor and I received a return shipping label. In the e-mail from eBay was saying that I have 7 days to send the item back to get a refund, starting 09/25/14.
On the date of 09/30/2014 the package was dropped at USPS.The package was dropped at USPS and then transferred to UPS and delivered on 10/10/2014 at 12:38 P.M.
Due to lack of on-line information, on USPS web-site about the date when the package was dropped, eBay don’t want to make me a refund saying that the package was dropped later than 7 days.
I tried to speak to eBay, and I tried to prove them that I dropped the package on the date of 09/30/2014, because when I sent the returning package , I sent an another letter and I have a receipt for that, with the date of 09/30/2014 and time 2:33:49 PM. On the same date of 09/30/2014 at 2:52 PM I updated the opened case on eBay resolution center with a tracking number.
Information provided by USPS is not complete and it shows just some actions on the date of October 7, 2014 , 2:48 am. when the package was picked up by UPS agent from USPS location.
Because the shipment was done using eBay shipping account, I asked eBay to call USPS and ask for a full description of shipment but they refused to do that.

And now the seller received the camera back plus 459.99$ for it. and don’t want to make me a refund. eBay as well is refusing to make a refund.

Posted: October 30, 2014 at 4:55 pm


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