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Rolling reserve crippling our business

We have a long running account with PayPal since 2008 turning over substantial amounts each year of around 100-400k in the end. Following a spate of pre-Christmas ‘holds’ due to a late release of a new product, PayPal implemented a 10% rolling reserve.
In March, they increased this to 30% over 90 days for no reason other than it was ‘random’. This crippled the business.
We converted a very old PayPal account into a business account and linked this to our store. Within 14 days, this had the same 30%/90 limitation.
There is no way we can operate in this way- so we opened another account under a different name and supplied passport, billing address, suppliers, etc .
This account has simply been closed, locking in 3.7k.
We have 12k in the first account, and 1k in the second- so a total of 16.1k lost for up to 180 days

Posted: April 29, 2013 at 6:42 pm


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