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Inside sabotage by PayPal

Had an account with them until they decided to freeze my account for “suspicious” activity.
The problem was, I hadn’t performed any suspicious activity.
PayPal has someone working on the inside to produce suspicious activity if they even think that something is up. As I have spent the last week researching this situation I found this:
A deposit made by Joe Doe (actual name used) with the email faze333@hotmail.com (actual email that was attached from sender) of 20$ was made. Which was strange because you can’t even make a deposit into an account without receiving a payment request first. I never sent a request as I have proof by documentation. 2nd huge issue is this as far a I know hotmail doesn’t exist anymore and shows up as an outlook named email since 2012. Plus I tried to send an email to this and it doesn’t exist. PayPal is stealing from people and this is how they are getting away with “suspicious activity” clause in their terms and conditions. I’m glad to have made good documentation of all this substantial evidence against them, now I just need a good attorney who can cut these thieves off at the legs!

Posted: April 8, 2015 at 6:46 pm


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2 thoughts on “Inside sabotage by PayPal
  1. Josanna on

    If you by mistake write a check with insufficient funds, you get charged a fee once. With Pay-Pal, they will continue over and over trying to get the money out and you get charged every time. And they give you no time to even get to the bank to rectify the problem.

  2. Fred Frankston on

    tried to buy something from ebay but Paypal refused to accept my card. I use my card for everything and never had 1 company refuse to accept payment ( I book 2 flights a month, use it for other online shopping ect.) At no time ever did any company reject my card until ebay came along. I have never met a company who is trying so hard to knock back business as ebay does LOL Thanks to Paypal which refuses to accept payment for purchased goods LOL What a bunch of idiots!!!!!