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We got scammed and Paypal Limited us.

My husband and I own an independent consulting firm, and where we first started out, we mainly only gained income from freelance and commission based work and e-commerce by wholesale. With one of our “jobs”, we were under the impression we were hired for management consulting. We were so eager to have a new long term client, and accepted the job and ended up being scammed through use of our PayPal account.
When received notification from PayPal about a limitation, we attempted to contact them and were constantly put on hold for an extended time. When we finally did speak to someone, becoming aware of the scam, to resolve the situation our account and payments would have to be refunded, leaving our account in the negative. And at the same time, we were still receiving regular payments from real clients.
We inquired about adding funds to the account before they were returned so our account would not be in the negative, but the call got disconnected. In less than a minute, PayPal automatically authorized the returns before we could even get back on the phone. As disappointing as this was, we still pursued with our regular business knowing we could make the money back easily. We set up a new PayPal account under my husband’s name to continue our sales and pay off the first account.

Ironically, we scammed AGAIN! This time whoever the person behind the scam was went through a lot of trouble, because we completed an online application and signed a contract. We the scam became apparent we immediately looked to rectify the situation, and sent PayPal every single detail and documentation of what happened to express how we were victimized. Again they shut us down, without response or phone call, and never returned our call. In addition, were still selling merchandise on ebay, again showing a legitimate business, and they made us refund customers that already paid for items, and we already paid for shipping on those items.

Since then it has been a continued struggle with doing business online because most merchants will not work with us, because they considered our business to be “high-risk”. We even waited the six months to use PayPal again, hiring an accountant to manage our funds, and they limited this account too and we only used it once.

We feel like we were pushed into a corner without any other options, and our whole way of living has drastically been affected by these incidents to this day.

Posted: August 4, 2014 at 7:28 pm


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