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Scammers abuse buyer protection

This is a spreading infection!
A lot of sellers are reporting this same issue.

Scammers are using the buying protection plan from PayPal to buy you a good that’s somehow expensive and get it for free. I was partially lucky, PayPal stole me 140eur (could have been thousands). Yes I say PayPal because the crook can’t run away with the money without their blessing. This guy sent me an email via eBay letting me know the item arrived, and at the same time I had a negative balance in PayPal for “not received”. I told them, well.. here is the signed proof of shipping and here is the email I got from the crook from eBay telling me that it actually arrived. PayPal pre-cooked emails told me they were “investigating”. I was confident that since ebay and paypal are the same company it was TOO OBVIOUS that the guy was just a scammer, but surprise surprise, they never answered and they just took me the money after a couple weeks and refunded the crook. I use ebay since 2005 and this is the first time I see this happening and it’s like a virus spreading I keep hearing of people getting scammed the same way. I wish someone with power sues PAYPAL for a dime and wins, and then see how these thieves get closed and shut down forever. Sorry my english not so good.

Posted: October 4, 2012 at 4:55 pm


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2 thoughts on “Scammers abuse buyer protection
  1. Lucas on

    I liked paypal when I first started using them a few years ago but now they have become a magnet for fraud and paypal is more or less helping these scammers getting away with it. There are too many loopholes in their “protection” and it always favor the buyer. And if a buyers happens to lose a dispute they go and file a chargeback so there is no winning with paypal as a seller. It’s just not worth all the money, time and aggravation to make a few extra dollars

  2. bass on

    i have -15000 usd in my paypal account ..what will happen to me if i do not pay… i was scammed by a guy …
    he sent me payment by paypal to buy some stuff from his supplier… but the supplier turn out to be the same guy (meaning i sent him his own money)
    now he filed a dispute and i lost the case…paypal want me to pay back…
    what shoul i do in this case ..? any reply is welcomed