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I am seeking legal advice on how to bring down Paypal

After 5 years of using paypal my account was limited for violating their Acceptable Use Policy. I have a work profile online with adult themes but this has nothing to do with paypal. Paypal claims and is asking me to remove any and all PAYPAL property off my work profile but I dont have any. I never have and I dont now. I emailed and have saved all conversations with PAYPAL. The last email was directed to brand risk management Michael Derringer asking him to answer the question the customer service rep could not reply. I simply want to know where PAYPAL got the idea that I was using Paypal as form of payment if my work profile doesnt mention it, but I have not received a reply yet. I dont have any mention or reference of PAYPAL throughout my whole profile. I dont use paypal for that profile but PAYPAL CUSTOMER REPRESENTATIVE says no proof for the accusations are needed. Paypal can limit and close any account for whatever reason. Now they have over $1500 that was sent to me by a few friends who send me money on a regular basis to help pay for me and my families well being.

We were using paypal because it worked and for over 4 years their system allowed it to work. the money was coming from the same people, same amount for 4 years, and now all of a sudden they want to close my account and keep my $1500. PAYPAL says I will be able to withdraw my money after 180 days. From now till then I will be studying the laws because I wont be surprised if after 180 days they change their mind and decide to keep my gift from very special friends and family members. I will not keep quiet over this case. It is not legal to be treated guilty until found innocent. I am seeking legal advice from anyone willing to help.

Posted: February 18, 2014 at 7:11 pm


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