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Sent Collection Notice

By John Angwin

I won on ebay a camera and payed using my debit card threw pay pal. The Day I payed I noticed the seller had the same camera and a bunch of the same lap-tops up for auction. I notified EBay and tried to notify Pay Pal (Which states you have to wait 10 days to file a claim) EBay shut the seller down right away as a fraud. Pay Pal did nothing untill I did a stop payment on the account transaction. Now pay pal has sent this to a collection agency against me (the only one the can find because they allowed this other person to collect the money and run) I never received the camera and when I phoned the person who was listed as the account owner (an older woman) she knew nothing of a camera up for bid nor did she know of an account in her name. I live in New York state and I’m looking to find out if any one else has had this problem and what they did to get Pay Pal off their back. I can’t beleive they can’t charge the buyer back, they had to collect the money some how. Pay Pal closed my account which is no big deal I’ll never use them again any way. Now when I win an auction on EBAy I send a Postal Money order to a good address no PO Boxes. Live and learn.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:46 am


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One thought on “Sent Collection Notice
  1. football_frenzy on

    Live and learn is defiantly my motto. I never had that particular problem, actually my issue with Paypal wasn’t entirely detrimental, just very annoying. I don’t use them anymore if I can help it. I had a coupon code appear in my box, I thought this was great so I tried to use it for a DVD collection that I wanted to purchase. It took me three hours and I got so dang frustrated that I ended up losing the bid entirely. I followed the guidelines, it was only one coupon used, I wasn’t transferring, it hadn’t expired, the seller accepted paypal and so on… their support did nothing but give me the run around.