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Got suspended from ebay

Well my problem is not with paypal but EBAY. I was just tired of being poor! I mean I think I am cursed or something, I mean an opportunity opens up and bang! Its gone in a sec. I found ebay few months ago, I was just a buyer importing and selling in my country Papua New Guinea. Though, like everyone before Ebay I surfed the net for get-rich-schemes, thats what you do when you are lost and hit rock bottom. I was in debt, I have cancer and I have three kids. So this site I signed up with charged my Visa Card and kept charging even when I started buying from Ebay, I didnt realize then as it was small amounts. Then one day, 600 dollars disappeared. My savings was gone so I put a stop to my Visa Card and notified Ebay that I couldn’t be able to pay some of the items I won through bidding due to this and they told me I needed to talk to the sellers. I have 9 unpaid strikes earlier, well cause my medication was expensive and I didnt realize I would run out of money quick. But yes, I talked to the sellers and most wanted to wait, however, I sold a shoe and item wasn’t paid for for 2 weeks so I relisted then I went to a friend who owns a shop here in PNG and asked them if I could sell their stuff and earn a commission and of course they said yes. Ebay is not popular here in PNG or buying online so my business had hopes of getting bigger but I started listing some items for selling then a few hours later I get a Suspension M113 Notice. I cried, yes I really cried. I lost the big thing that gave me hope to help me, my kids and my hard life and now its gone. Just thinking about it makes me teary and heart broken. What will I do now?

Posted: February 10, 2014 at 7:30 pm


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