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Suspicious activity is a bogus excuse to keep your money.

March 25th for no reason my eBay account is suspended for “suspicious activity.” Surprisingly I sold only two items of which eBay overcharged me and claimed it was a mistake and i would be re-reimbursed the next month! Regardless, I sold only two items and have a perfect rating with zero complaints. The girl at ebays customer service told me my account will remain suspended for suspicious activity. She gave no further reason, and was rude. This is scrappy customer service! They really stink. I wish these idiots go bankrupt fast.

Posted: March 26, 2015 at 8:11 pm


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3 thoughts on “Suspicious activity is a bogus excuse to keep your money.
  1. David on

    PayPal is holding my funds for 6 months due to “suspicious activity” which happens to be that I started using their credit card reader they sent to me for PayPal Here. Yes an “unusual amount of activity” because I was using their damn reader. Also they said I had several declines. That was because their reader doesn’t work. Since I know most of my customers I keyed in their card info manually and it was processed — for which PayPal takes a higher percentage!!! My last straw was trying to call the phone number that was shown on their site and I got “not a working number”. I am refunding all my customers.

  2. David on

    And another: 11 of my customers have received emails from PayPal the past 2 days saying the I (using my name) have canceled the PayPal request to them. The original requests which I sent were from 2010-2015 all paid. And my customers were confused. I finally reached a human at PayPal and explained and they said each of those people had to call PayPal — which is a nightmare in hell. I said their site must have been hacked and he said “impossible”. But the emails sent to my customers all were the exact email I sent to them including personal notes. So if not hacked who would have had access to these??? An inside job?

  3. EZ Document Preparation on

    Paypal put a hold on all of our funds for 180 days, which has basically closed down our store. Fortunately, we are getting a new website built, and I was already talking to other card processors, so I think I will have it back up soon. However, they are holding approximately $11,000 and I have NEVER had 1 charge back. We provide legal paperwork, and there is no refunds. I am really upset right now, and I really don’t get it since they were probably making around $500 per month off of us.