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Terrible Customer Service

So long story short (b/c I’m sick of explaining it over and over), I just got back into selling on Ebay and after I sold my item and went to print a shipping label I found out that I’d have to wait 3 days after the buyer received my item for my funds. This wasn’t a big deal except that when I chose my shipping method I didn’t notice that they would take the funds from my account and not the pending funds (They need to make it blatantly clear if they’re going to transact your personal bank account). Ultimately this led to a $35 overdraft on my account.

I contacted Ebay who was more than helpful and re-credited me $25, however I contacted Paypal bc they were going to re-initiate the withdraw. When I contacted them I spoke to RJ who assured me that he’d post the negative balance to my paypal account, so my bank account wouldn’t be charged (as I was still waiting on funds). However, the next day or so my bank account was ONCE AGAIN charged and to this day there is no negative balance. He basically lied right to my face, even after I offered my compliments to his manager. Luckily I was prepared for them to offer terrible service and made sure the funds were in my account.

I later contacted the Supervisor of Customer Service, Youlanda White to complain, who “forwarded me on to the correct department.” That was 3 days ago and I still haven’t heard back… TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE… DEFINITELY OUTSOURCED (OR OF SIMILAR QUALITY)… TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO AMAZON MONEY, AUTHORIZE.NET (get it really cheap through www.merchantinc.com)… OR BE PREPARED TO WATCH OVER YOUR ACCOUNT LIKE A HAWK FOR THE FIRST FEW WEEKS.

Posted: July 15, 2013 at 6:50 pm


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3 thoughts on “Terrible Customer Service
  1. suz on

    they are all crooks they don’t deserve our service. If they can not help the issue they should not be in business.

  2. kerri on

    I have called PayPal up on several occasions too tell them not to open any accounts using my credit cards. This has been told to them numerous times and once again, see a charge on my card. Yes my son takes it and uses it. But should there not be some form of security in which this money making company can use????

  3. Darlene Martinez on

    On hold 25 minutes went on line wnat to change the address where my order will be mailed no help there either