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Tired of PayPal and their BS

I have used PayPal for over 10 years as a buyer in very limited transactions through ebay. Recently (3 months ago) I started selling on ebay with PayPal and have sold over $7500 worth of goods ($750 earning for eBay and about $325 for paypal) not high volume but still pretty good for me as a side business.
PayPal has made money off of my efforts as a seller but has in turn given me MANY troubles throughout the past 3 months – once my account had TWO OTHER NON VERIFIED and NOT AUTHORIZED BANK ACCTS ATTACHED BY SOMEONE ELSE and all my funds withdrawn – thankfully I keep a check on my balance daily and caught this before the transfer was complete – contacted PayPal who told me not to worry everything would be returned to my account and response in 48 hrs.
10 mins later get an email saying they could not verify any wrong doing and that my claim to have MY FUNDS returned was denied!! Called again and complained heatedly to get the result I needed in 15 mins! So first time they said 48 hrs was a lie in two ways –
1 they COULD fix issue if they chose faster (15 mins when complained second time)
2 they initially denied my claim in 10 mins of phone call rather than 48 hrs response time. BIG HEADACHE when they rely on sellers like me to earn their profits – oh and yes holding funds up to 21 days…BS in that 21 days they I’m sure invest MY money to make a profit as well…then when i need to transfer to my bank it takes an ADDITIONAL 3 – 5 business days! BS BS BS BS plus their fees are HIGH for transactions….tired of PayPal

Posted: September 19, 2014 at 6:16 pm


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