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Total cooperation with Paypal and they shut me down

I initially received an email from Paypal claiming they don’t have an address for me and my Paypal account has been limited even though my address was clearly there and I have used the same address ever since i joined Paypal, the email said I should log on to Paypal and follow the steps necessary to restore my account, I logged on to my account and was asked to provide both proof of name and proof of address, I immediately did this and provided my passport, a credit card statement and my current account statement, they acknowledged receipt of these documents and accepted them.
I then got an email stating that my first name appears as my initial on my account and i should do a name change to correct this, i.e change my name from Mr I LXXX to Mr Ibrahim LXXX, I did this and it was accepted and approved by Paypal as they have reviewed the documents I sent them.

I was told it will take a couple of days for my account to be restored, but then received an email stating that my Paypal account has at least one piece of personal information with another Paypal account that shows an amount owing to them and the negative balance on this other account needs to be brought back to zero or positive status, I had no knowledge of this and asked who this other account belongs to and why is it connected to me, I was not given an answer and the reason given was data protection, i then asked how I am supposed to know if this other account has anything to do with me if i don’t have any details and was the person i spoke to hinted that it is a personal account in my household, the only other person i could think of was my wife so I got her to call Paypal, which she did and was informed that the reason my account was still limited is because she had an account with paypal back in 2007 which she no longer uses but this account has a negative balance which needs to be paid, she asked why Paypal is limited some elses account (me) when she is the one with the issue and why paypal had not written or contacted her, this was something that goes back to 2007 and she has never heard from them, anyway she asked how much it was and was told it was for the sum of £145.09 and was assured once this payment is made and registers on Paypal that my account will be restored, so she prompted made this payment and was told to give it a couple of days for the payment to register.

A couple of days later on Thursday the 24th of December at 10.10am, I received an email from paypal stating that my Paypal account has now been restored as I have completed all the required steps, only for me to check my account later and the limit was still on it, I then called Paypal and referred them to the aforementioned email, I was told not to worry and that my account will restored within 2-3 hours but at 13.55 hrs (just 5 minutes before they close as it was christmas eve, I received an email from Paypal stating that they have decided to close my account because of security issues, which completely caught me by surprise, there are no security issues here, I have maintained my Paypal account for years and have just £3816.69 in it which I now don’t have access to, this has had a devastating effect on our business as well.

Posted: January 2, 2013 at 7:58 pm


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