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Transferred money took 8 days to clear

I put money into my paypal account for a refund that wasn’t even due yet. The money took 8 days to transfer and I never saw it in my account again. Ebay said Paypal has it and Paypal said Ebay has it. Actually Paypal had it and hid it. Meanwhile I had transactions over the weekend and paypal went into my bank account and took $15.00 which overdrew me causing a $28.00 fee. The asian supervisor I talked to said it would be refunded and I got an email saying it was refunded on Thursday last week. It’s Wednesday no refund so now they say no refund. I transferred money from Paypal to my bank account two days ago and it is in my account today. Very inconsistent with procedures even thought the beat over the head with the procedures of 3 – 5 days transfer time. Somebody is not doing they job. I will never let them handle my money again.
I did not owe anyone when I transferred the first amount. I did it to avoid a problem when I got back my merchandise.

Posted: August 19, 2014 at 7:40 pm


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