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You can’t travel if you use PayPal

Paypal has frozen my account, for no reason. I travel frequently so I sign in to my paypal account from all over the world. Now they are closing it, I haven’t done anything wrong except travel and paypal is supposed to be a worldwide service but I guess only from your home computer. They wasted a ton of my time asking me for personal information and documentation which I submitted to them and they don’t seem to have taken any of it into account. I called and explained my travel and even offered to provide passports stamps as proof, they sent it to appeal, this was denied without explanation. All my paypal activity has been totally above board and now they are holding my money hostage. Thoroughly disappointed and looking for another payment solution.

Posted: August 13, 2012 at 3:31 pm


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2 thoughts on “You can’t travel if you use PayPal
  1. Sherwin on

    They don’t seem to understand that some people travel for their real jobs. Obviously if you sent in all the information requested and it showed Us addresses and bank information they would know your not trying to fraud the system. Apparently they can do fraud as they please but ridicule people trying to make an honest living.

  2. batman on

    Ran in to this exact same thing when I went on vacation. It’s like you are damned if you and damned if you don’t. I had to log in to my account to make sure everything was OK with a few sales I had made before I left. One time someone filed a dispute and it was settled in their favor before I even knew of the dispute. After that I sign in to my PP account every day including my vacation. Well paypal limited my account for security reasons and I had to submit a whole boatload of documentation. My account was restored only to be limited again 3 days later. I give up, no one can do business like this. Paypal is not a company to trust with your money that’s for sure.