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Two Fake Emails

Writer Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Two times I received email that had the appearence of being genuine.  Since I have never subscribed to Paypal, I knew it was phishing. The first time I sent it to abuse@juno who forwarded it on to somewhere else.  This time I forwared the email tospoof@paypal.com I have received confirmation from paypal that it is indeed fake and they are investigating.  If you are interested in this, I can forward you copies of what I received that was fake, and what I received as response from Paypal. Let me know if you are interested.  At any rate, perhaps you can alert others that if they get any phishing attempts that look like paypal, the place to forward the problem to is “spoof@paypal.com

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:58 am


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One thought on “Two Fake Emails
  1. Lisa Perez on

    Thank you for the info. It’s always nice to get a leg up on the email scams that go out around the cyber world that we’ve all grown so dependent on. So many people give these theifs their secured information and have their IDs stolen that it makes me nervous even to sign in to my bank account, I always worry that it will be drained from a scammer. I miss doing business by cash, but hey thats technology for ya.