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Unexplained “suspicious activity” and PayPal took my money for 6 months

I am a photo hobbyist who likes to buy and sell cameras on EBay. I had a few hundred sales, and 100% positive feedback. A few years ago a friend asked me to close out her photography business and I did about $10,000 business that month. PayPal immediately shut me down with no explanation said they would keep our money for six months.

They refused to give any explanation for this action. I have never done anything illegal, or even questionable. My feedback is excellent. They accused me of “suspicious activity,” money laundering, fraud, all sorts of crazy things. But would give no specifics.

After months of frustration, I contacted the attorneys general of two states, and PayPal backed down immediately. But now they will not let me use their service. And I have no idea as to why. And if they are completely legitimate in their complaint against me, why does a simple call from the Atty. Gen make them back down?

In hindsight, I can speculate on some potential misunderstandings that could’ve raised suspicion, for example my father and I both had PayPal accounts and we had the same name and address and use the same bank. (one representative mentioned that I had two social security numbers, but then he said he wasn’t supposed to have told me that.) I was not allowed to defend myself, I was not specifically charged with anything, was not allowed to present any evidence. And I am blackballed to this day. So my guess is that the solution could have been pretty simple. If they would just listen.

They said they said they had to keep it 100% of my money for security, but that seems completely unreasonable. I’ve had virtually no returns. I could see keeping a smaller percentage that was consistent with an average rate of return product, but taking it all was just unreasonable.

Posted: November 3, 2015 at 9:20 pm


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One thought on “Unexplained “suspicious activity” and PayPal took my money for 6 months
  1. Zeqir Smajli on

    I have just received a notification that my PayPal account will be permanently shut down. I have about $900 in my account I can’t do anything with the funds. Their excuse is that they do not operate in Kosovo and they need to keep the money for six months in case of any disputes. This has never been the case in the previous months since I have been paid through PayPal for over six months. They have never sent any other notice and to make it even more suspicious I got a guy from Iran on the phone when I called the helpdesk. And guess what? PayPal does not operate in Iran either. Do you know any lawyer who can inform me about these unusual policies. Money transfers are under international human rights and there should be all banking services on the same ground when it comes such transfers.