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Web developers stay away from paypal

I’m a web developer and have many clients. I build ecommerce sites and most of my clients have no idea about technology, so I do everything like registering and creating including PayPal accounts for them. At any time I may be working on 3 – 5 sites waiting for decisions or files or content from the clients.

Paypal froze 4 accounts including mine and said all funds in those accounts would be held for 6 months! Their reason? Because my name, email and phone were on more than one account! I tried to reason with them and they understood I was building sites, but they would not change their policy. Suddenly I could not accept payments, I could NOT withdraw funds and worst of all, the 4 accounts were closed permanently! OMG! This sucks! My clients were more than pissed off and I used a PayPal debit card mostly so I had almost NOTHING in my bank account. I was screwed.

Posted: October 28, 2014 at 5:36 pm


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