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Will Never Use PayPal

By Beth Guru

I’ve never even had a paypal account, and never will. But I received this email.

Paypal Team identified some unusual activity in your account

We recently have determined that different computers have logged into your PayPal account, and multiple password failures were present before the login. One of our Customer Service employees has already tried to telephonically reach you. As our employee did not manage to reach you, this email has been sent to your notice. Therefore your account has been temporarily suspended. We need you to confirm your identity in order to regain full privileges of your account. If this is not completed by May 27, 2005, we reserve the right to terminate all privileges of your account indefinitly, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes. We thank you for your cooperation in this manner. To confirm your identity please follow the link below:


Thank you for your patience in this matter.

PayPal – Customer Service

Please do not reply to this e-mail as this is only a notification. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:56 am


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3 thoughts on “Will Never Use PayPal
  1. Susan M on

    uh ok that is just creepy. what other information of yours do they have? Their whole account management process is just not working, I have no idea what bozo is in charge but they need some changes ASAP. I mean, you didnt even sign up for an account! It’s pure madness

  2. Tad Buglesworth on

    Yup looks like someone used your info alright. I had paypal for quite some time before I dropped the account entirely. I went to sign in one day and saw a notice that $34.90 was on hold and my account was limited. What BS. It turns out they wanted me to verify my transaction because it was the first one after a “period of inactivity”. I’m just glad it was hundreds of dollars. Paypal is the pits when it comes to catching fraud.

  3. Kathy on

    –PayPal I think I’ve been charged for a website, although I do not have a website. Please explain The charge for $24 plus. I don’t believe I made this purchase. Please advise. Thank you Kathy Kolbow. Kolbowjk@yahoo.com