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Won dispute but buyer filed chargeback

I am a student just trying to make some extra money to survive as I have been trying to find a job for awhile. I have been on ebay for over 3 years. So I started selling this year. I sold an item to a customer over 3 months ago worth over $200, the customer bought the item then after a month filed a reversal claim, saying it was a fraudulent transaction (claiming it wasen’t her). I wrote to her asking her to return the item and I will give her a full refund if she has not used the item, but no reply. I uploaded tracking shipping information requested by paypal and after 10 working days I got a reply saying I have won. Oh happy days I thought. 3 months later out of no-where I have a chargeback dispute from the same woman claiming the transaction was fraudulent but this time she said it was not as described. I gave paypal all the information they needed, after a phone call to them I discovered that I was not protected under seller protection due to the customer filing a not as described claim even though I sent it to the correct address. So if I lose this case I will be responsible for the chargeback cost due to the fact that the customer telling her credit card company it was not as described.

Posted: September 18, 2012 at 3:03 pm


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2 thoughts on “Won dispute but buyer filed chargeback
  1. Cruze on

    If you can withdraw all your money from your paypal account and remove any credit card and bank account you have linked, better yet close the bank account you have with paypal and report your cc as list or stolen. This way when you lose the chargeback there is no way for paypal to collect. Obviously you will never be able to use paypal again but why would you want to all they do is help scammers steal from honest sellers.

  2. Andrew on

    Be prepared for the following. PayPal will wait about 27 days after your response to chargeback. After that it will close the case in favor of the buyer. They will tell you that buyer’s credit card made decision not in your favor (which will be a lie). I bet it will be PayPal, who will close the case on its own discretion, but they will never tell you that. You are able to verify it in PayPal resolution center on your PayPal account page. In a log of your chargeback case you will find that they never send and/or received anything to/from CC during this 27 days period.

    PayPal will tell you that you do not have seller protection (because the type of chargeback as yours is not eligible for seller protection). They will tell you “We are sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you.”

    The only thing you can do after that is to sue PayPal in your local small claim court if you have time and guts to go through that. PayPal will tell you about arbitration procedure to be held in California and try to get rid of you. They lie again. They can be sued in your local court.

    Good luck