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Worst customer service ever, just horrible

I got my account with paypal so i could make purchases on ebay and i was happy with their service however i started work doing phone sex i usually got clients to pay directly into my account however on 3 occasions within one week a client paid via paypal a couple of days later paypal rang me at 7.30am and asked me what was the service that i was being paid for? so i told her and i was informed that i shouldnt be using paypal for that cos it was against their policy and i genuinely didnt know! she accepted my honesty and told me not to do it again and to comply and there would be no further issues she was very nice and rang off however later that day i got an email to say my account was limited due to misuse so i called them and have never in my life experienced such poor customer service in my life! i was treated like a criminal and told that my funds of £80 were being put on hold for 180 days and i could no longer use their service!! of course i went mental and faced with such a rude woman i asked for a manager and was told managers dont speak to people like me!! so i asked for another customer agent n again i was refused so i decided to hang up and try again with someone who respected the fact that im a disabled single mum who doest like to use the benefit system so i do this job as its easy and means that i get to be with my son in the day and work at night (i live on 4hrs sleep a night 6 nights a week!) so basically i felt that i was being targeted for telling the truth!! when i called again i was again treated like doggy doo doo!! now im 3 months in fighting for my money i call them every 3 days and have only encountered one staff member who was polite n trust me im always polite so im not being rude or abusive i just ask for MY money back! it might not seem alot but to me its a weeks shopping!! so please if theres anyone who can help me and who wont judge me for doing a job that isnt the norm and someone who accepts the fact that
i would do any job in this wrld if it meant that i could provide 4 my baby then please help me cos im losing my patience very very quickly

Posted: September 4, 2012 at 5:42 pm


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5 thoughts on “Worst customer service ever, just horrible
  1. Robert Lake on

    No help or service what so ever. I regret signing because it is impossible to sign out. My creditcard is open for theft.

  2. Molly Sutherland on

    Never ever believe anything a csr tells you over the phone when you are talking to ebay or paypal. They will tell you nothing but lies to get you off the phone. And when you call back because what they had promised did not happen you get a totally different story. I have been trying to get a hold of my money for over 3 weeks and everytime I call there is a new excuse as to why it will be another 72 hours until my funds will be released which never happens.

  3. James on

    Worse customer service I’ve experienced. £20 it has cost me in calls and I still can’t log onto my account

  4. sean barr on

    I am afraid that in this one area I agree with paypals policy BUT of course NOT the fact that they are punishing you by holding your cash buit rememeber that they are criminals!! They only are allowed to exist because of the BRIBES they pay and the illegal favors they do for cops and law-makers and politicians who are all satanists and pedophiles!! Believe me when I say that you are NOT doing yourself any favors being a phone whore!! Your son will NOT be impressed!!

    • Tara on

      Listen, I know you a probably a christian but you have no right to say that to someone. Fair enough her son will not be impressed about her job. But would you rather her live on the street and not provide a home for her child? I guess you would punish someone for stealing a loaf of bread because the bible teaches “thou shall not steal” ? give the poor lady a break. I have been broke many times and have often contemplated on doing this. obviously, you have never been broke.